This is the best source of information about the Muslim grooming gangs in England.

A group of ex soldiers, with weapons and intelligence training, are bored with their new lives. They are tired of the pubs which keep them in touch with each other and with what gave a sense of pride and purpose. Their patriotism is weak in the face of serious crime.
They formed a dim view of Islamic ways on their tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. And its growth in Britain is now a serious gripe, fuelled by beer and boredom. Gripes turn to rage at the child rape gangs. And rage turns to boasts about how fast they could deal with them.
One of them talks about how many Muslims are guilty of grooming crimes relative to the number of Muslims in the land. He’s been looking at the news reports and seen that pretty much the lot of them have Muslim names. Despite being only 5% of the population. They work out that Muslims look to be 170 times likelier to do this than non-Muslims.1
One of them points out that it’s worse than that. There’s not one case where the girl was a Muslim and the men were non-Muslims: ‘They’re raping our kids. We’re not raping their kids.’
They say they could put a stop to it once and for all. They mean, if they were given the chance, like.
Mad at each new crop of bearded thugs staring from the front pages, their talk gets more sober. Weeks later, reports of useless police work turn sober talk to planning. Tipped off about a bed-and-breakfast joint where this crime happens, planning turns to sober acts.
But they don’t plan a reprisal raid, as one or two Sikh groups seem to have done. For them, prevention is better than cure.
One of them gets a tip-off from a jaded child protection worker. They watch the premises, see when the 13 year old girl is led into the house. And at what times the clients come in. Then one night they lie in wait.
They force their way in. A terrible massacre follows. They shoot
1 Some of the calculations get lost in the bar room hubbub, but they are as follows: Muslims make up around 90% of offenders from the lists of convictions, where guilt and innocence had been tested in a courtroom. But Muslims make up 5% of the population. Their calculations were:
• The likelihood of individual Muslims to commit this offence is: 90÷5% = 1,800
• The likelihood of individual non-Muslims to commit this offence is: 10÷95% = 10.53
• So the likelihood of individual Muslims to commit this offence, compared to individual non Muslims, is: 1,800÷10.53 = 170.94
In other words, a Muslim man is 170 times more likely than a non-Muslim man to commit this crime. There is mathematical squabbling, and swearing about whether the figure can really be so steep. But that is the figure settled on.